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Disease and Vaccine-Related Videos

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VSI: Vaccination Scene Investigation

Why Does A Healthy 23 Year Old Need Vaccinations?

Pertussis: In Memory of Francesca

Surround Your Baby with Protection

Actress Amanda Peet's Vaccine Story

Tdap Vac & Friends Visit the Classroom

Pertussis-Whooping Cough: A Family's Story

DTaP Vaccine—Vaccines and Your Baby

Video thumbnail of a woman holding up a picture of herself and two newborns.

Pertussis Vaccination? My Story

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Vaccine Education Center

Video series “Vaccines and Your Baby” from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

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Families Fighting Flu

Watch families talk about how their lives have been permanently altered by influenza Stories of vaccine preventable diseases.
Shot by Shot

Collection of video stories covering all vaccine-preventable diseases from the California Immunization Coalition